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Pedestrians wearing earbuds may not hear you. Be cautious. Having a mirror on your bike or on your glasses or helmet is useful to let you know that faster riders are coming up behind you.If possible, give them room. Stopping on a dime is dangerous. If you know that you are slowing down, and there are riders, runners, scooters, etc. behind you, shout out "STOPPING" or "SLOWING." When you turn, signal by pointing to your turn with the respective outstretched arm. Ready to go? No matter where you decide to start your ride, your first main stop will be Hoboken. Great city. Just follow the trail along the River. Before you reach the bus and train PATH terminal, cut right towardWashington Street.It is a good place to stop to eat or just to get a feel for this very busy street with all its restaurants and interesting shops.

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