The Latest Advice On Recognising Root Elements In Evening Gowns

Hussey’s doesn’t keep track of the average number of dresses they sell a year, but Ballantyne remembers one year they sold 100 dresses, and that was good. Both Pelton and Ballantyne observe that internet has been a gift and a curse when it comes to the store. Online retail presents an overabundance of choice, which in turn affects the way women shop. “Today’s society is so used to having everything,” says Pelton, “[The customer will] want an element of part of the dress and then they’ll want an element of another dress. Well, we can’t cut the dress in half.” Ballantyne adds that some brides think they are going to have a “monumental moment,” complete with tears, but the right fit is sometimes just that… right. She says it’s “mind-blowing” for some brides when the first dress they try on is the one they get. “They can’t really think that it was that easy, and sometimes it is.” Of course, Facebook and Instagram also help spread the word about the store. A photo of Ballantyne and her husband posing in front of the famous sign — him holding a gun, her a six-pack of beer — got over 2,700 shares from the store’s Facebook page, practically viral for a business with 4,500 likes. Pinterest’s love of rustic weddings has encouraged Maine women whose hometown is dotted with old barns and wildflowers to embrace their most practical theme option.

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