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Fiona Mills - who has been UKIP's candidate in Carlisle - is hoping to contest Copeland. She says: "When I stood in the general election I definitely took voters away from Labour because people told me that." But while people here are worried about nuclear jobs, many are furious about healthcare. There is a proposal to move services, including a consultant-led maternity unit, from the hospital in Whitehaven 40 miles down a slow, twisting road to Carlisle. Michelle, who works in the butcher's, says: "Why don't we stick a fellow in the back of an ambulance whose making these decisions and stick a monitor on him that creates the pain the same as labour and see how he feels about that?" Labour's message is that only it will care for the local NHS. Conservative councillor Kevin Beaty says what happens to the hospital is a decision for the local NHS and blames "a PFI in the north set up under the last Labour government that is really difficult from a financial point of view for them". But with a decision about the hospital due in March, potentially before a by-election date, it's a clear and present danger to Tory hopes. Image caption What happens to the hospital is a decision for the local NHS, says Tory councillor Kevin Beaty If the Conservatives win, it will be the first time since 1982 the governing party has gained a seat in a by-election. Should that happen, Jamie Reed - the departing Labour MP - will in prompting the contest have done deeper damage to Mr Corbyn than he ever managed in years criticising his leader. If Labour fails here blame will be piled deep at the door of the party leader.