Some Useful Tips On Picking Crucial Issues For Evening Dress

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One of the verses is: This is for my sisters in the west 2017, she aint tryna be oppressed She represents peace and she got her own voice And Shes not forced to wear it, cause she made her own choice For those who worry these are signs that Muslims are going to force everyone to wear hijab, please chill out. While there are a few cultures where women are forced to wear some kind of cultural cover, the majority of women, who identify as Muslim, dont wear hijab. There are some very pious women who acknowledge its something God has directed women to do, but, for whatever reason, dont wear it. For some, even in Muslim majority countries, wearing hijab is forbidden. Then there are those who deny its a requirement. For all of these Muslims, its important to remember that God is the judge and we cannot condemn those who have differing understandings. Women who do wear hijab, like all women, are constantly being judged for how they look. On one end there are those who say too much emphasis is being put on fashion, make up and outward looks, while, others say dressing modestly is oppressive. There are things women cant control about our looks, but the choices we make in how we dress and present ourselves sends messages.

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