Some Fundamentals On Clear-cut Buddhist Strategies

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"My wife prays and recites verses from the holy Quran when airstrikes start, while children cry. We are afraid that one of these airstrikes might hit us." Fearing a mass exodus from the city, which is still home to 1 million people, the coalition has dropped leaflets telling people to stay inside. Human rights groups worry many will run from Mosul to other areas held by IS out of fear they could be treated even worse by their purported liberators. "A lot of people are going to flee," said Berkis Wille, the senior Iraq researcher for Human Rights Watch, which also is in contact with people inside the city. "A lot of them are extremely fearful of what the battle might bring." That's because the array of forces converging on Mosul, a mainly Sunni Arab city, includes government-sanctioned Shiite militias who have been accused of abuses in Sunni areas, as well as newly formed fighting units from minority groups like the Yazidis who were brutalized by IS. Sunni Arabs who stayed in Mosul under IS rule fear they will be treated like supporters of the extremist group, Wille said. They point to the recapture of Ramadi, which was almost entirely reduced to rubble, and Fallujah, where rights groups say hundreds of men fleeing the city were detained or tortured, or simply disappeared. Amnesty International said in a report released Tuesday that thousands of Sunni Arabs fleeing areas held by IS have been subjected to abuses by paramilitary and government forces. It highlighted an incident in which 12 men and boys were shot and killed outside Fallujah after surrendering to men wearing military and federal police uniforms; another 73 men and boys from the same tribe are still missing, it added. The London-based group cited an incident in Saqlawiya, also near Fallujah, in which militiamen seized about 1,300 men and older boys. Three days later, more than 600 were transferred to local officials bearing signs of torture.