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Martin Picard, the well-known chef of Au Pied de cochon famed restaurant in Montreal, looks at a test batch of his maple syrup March 9, 2012 at his sugar shack (emblematic element of lifestyle Quebec)located in Saint-Benoit de Mirabel, about sixty kilometers west of Montreal. Over the next two decades, Canadian maple syrup production would triple, largely due to the increasing demand worldwide spurred by the Federation's intense marketing efforts. About 85-90% of all maple syrup produced in Canada comes from Quebec, or about 70% of the world's supply, depending on the year. The Federation controls nearly every aspect of maple production in the province, assigning quotas to the province's 13,500 farmers and selling the syrup to licensed wholesalers. It is a fine-tuned machine, with the Federation backed by provincial legislation . Click to see content: QCMaple Having a lock on the industry in Quebec has allowed the Federation to establish the strategic maple reserve that contains upwards of 78 million pounds of syrup at a time and allows them to prevent production-based annual price fluctuations. The Federation also sets prices and quotas for the product that all commercial Quebec sugar bush owners must follow. Image copyright Andreane Williams Image caption Angele Grenier has been fighting the Federation for years to freely sell her syrup Its executive director Simon Trepanier says control over supply is important given that maple production can swing massively from year-to-year, from "swimming in a big pool of syrup" to barely meeting market demand. By establishing prices, the Federation helped boost production not only in Quebec, but in the rest of Canada and the US as well, Farrell says. Maple became a more reliable crop, and that encouraged farmers all over to invest in equipment.

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