Had There Been Such A National Plan, There Would Already Have Been 10 Million Tourists Here, He Declared.

Katz promised, "As part of the agreement with the Ministry of Finance, in cooperation with the Airports Authority and Netivei Israel -- the National Transport Infrastructure Company, we will move forward with a plan to eliminate this problem. We'll invest more than NIS 1 billion in this. Ben Gurion Airport is the most crowded city in Israel. " Katz also mentioned opening the exclusive agreement at Ben Gurion Airport with the affordable flights to San Francisco from kci Hadar Taxi company, saying "I support a policy that favors the passengers ahead of the Airport Authority's profit." He noted the opening of a high-speed railway route from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem, saying, "People will be able to buy airplane tickets combined with railway tickets, and reach Jerusalem within 20 minutes." The Ministry of Tourism recently reported a record of 2.7 million incoming tourists in 2016, but Katz believes that this number represents a lost opportunity. "As a government minister, I want the state to set a target of 10 million tourists. This is a realistic goal that can easily be achieved. Had there been such a national plan, there would already have been 10 million tourists here," he declared. Another pointed remark by Katz concerned tourism from China, a channel that the Minister of Tourism is avidly affordable flights to Paris from denver promoting as a consumer group with great potential. "The Chinese are coming, and in growing numbers, and I visit a hotel in the Galilee, and hear that there's no one to escort a group of Chinese staying there on a tour of the Galilee. This is a failure of tourist infrastructure.

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