Examining The Facts For Aspects Of Skin Care

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With knowledge gleaned from hundreds of previous clients, they can diagnose your skin needs in one glance, then suggest a product or treatment on the spot. Step 2: Sample yourself silly. Malls, like drug dealers, want repeat customers. So sometimes they give you that first hit free. I scored a dozen gratis packets of lotion, hair gel, and eye treatments, plus body wash and an anti-wrinkle serum by Kiehls. All you have to do is ask. Step 3: You can go indie if you want to Sure, youre in a mall, but that doesnt mean youre limited to mass-market designers and celebrity vanity products. Bloomingdales carries Malin+Goetz. Nordstrom stocks GQ favorite Anthony. Bluemercury will even sell you sugar-infused deodorant, which is obviously not for eatingbecause sugars bad for you.

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